Sexual Desire In Men


Sexual desire is now believed to be more biologically driven among men than among women, whose desire is thought to reflect both context and culture. Given the range of sensitivity of women’s desire to situational factors, disorders of sexual desire may be more common among women.But they are not unknown among men.

Men often experience a hypoactive sex drive in response to heavy alcohol consumption. Many clinicians report that among men, a rapidly growing cause of diminished sex drive within relationship is excessive use of pornography, readily available on the Internet.


Sexual Desire In Women


Sexual desire in females is both more complex and more fragile than it is in males, less tied to biology, more linked to psychology. It is generally more variable and related to how they feel about themselves, what is going on in their lives, to say nothing of a partner’s lovemaking style.

But experts agree that in general, sexual desire is lower among females than among males, so a drop in female desire for any reason may be more problematic in relationships.


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