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What Would You Do?

There names will be disguised as stated in the contract. Guy: Bill Girl: Jill. The names aren’t necessary, but here it goes. The girls has a crush on a guy she probably doesn’t know that well. The guy also doesn’t know her much either and both do have a crush on each other at this point. Jill is too shy to talk to Bill, so instead of making Bill feel bad or rejected she texts him and doesn’t stop for a moment just to speak with him.

Information or details weren’t given within the week that followed the situation above. Now she doesn’t like him and feels that he isn’t the one. On a side note to this, Jill is really really shy and she finds it difficult to discuss or even talk to Bill without getting the “butterflies”.

Jill stops texting Bill for whatever reason she has and  Bill still likes Jill whiles it the opposite for Jill. How do you tell Bill the truth? Would you tell him the truth or would you wait for Jill to tell him herself?


Posted by on August 30, 2011 in Relationships